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Past webinars
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Compliance Overview of portfolio (English)
How is SWIFT helping hundreds of Financial Institutions and corporates to comply with regulatory requirements

Ben Zaug, SWIFT Financial Crime Compliance, Compliance/KYC

Dates: 28 and 29 October 2015

For questions please use contactme@swift.com

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IBAN Plus (English)

Learn how you get accurate Reference Data for usage inside Financial Messages worldwide. Inside the scope of SEPA Payments, After 1 February 2016, for cross-border payment transactions, European Union Payment Service participants need to indicate the valid code of a payer or payee. IBAN Plus goes well with SEPA Plus and our other directories. IBAN Plus can for example resolve the following

  • Validation of an IBAN or IBAN format, 
  • Extraction of the bank code, 
  • Validation of the bank code, 
  • Finding the corresponding BIC to be used, if not provided with the IBAN and 
  • Validation of a BIC, if provided with the IBAN

Zorica SWIFTRef Market Manager SWIFTRef

Date 28 October 2015

For questions please ask swiftref@swift.com

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The KYC Registry the story so far (English)
Learn how can KYC help you with Due Diligence. The KYC Registry offers a unique approach compared to current alternatives by providing access to a standard set of due diligence documents and data. All information in The KYC Registry undergoes exhaustive quality control and transparent validation by a dedicated operational team at SWIFT. Guy Sheppard , SWIFT Financial Crime Compliance, KYC

For questions please ask contactme@swift.com

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EasyWay over SWIFT

We’re keen to present you SWIFT’s solution to connect to EasyWay (Euroclear). Join this webinar to find out how easy it is to re-use your existing SWIFT infrastructure, security and knowledge, to connect to Euroclear’s Easyway application.

For more information, please use contactme@swift.com 

Dates of webinars June 2015, 15 September 2015 and 15 October 2015

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Advanced user identity and mandate management as a service: Treasury business processes with tailored banking controls

Faced with increasing security concerns and risks of internal fraud, corporates and banks are looking for ways to extend controls on their banking communications. Banks have responded to such needs with advanced user identity and mandate management services, traditionally limited to their online banking channels, now also available on their direct connectivity channels. Learn about the industry trends and market practices in the corporate to bank cash management services, and get an overview of the different practice levels provided by banks to corporates today, including end-to-end verification workflows and user level mandate management services (eBAM).

Andre Casterman, Christoph Albers and Sebastian Rojas, Corporates & Supply Chain Markets, EMEA

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Alliance WebStation End of Support

SWIFT has announced the retirement and end-of-support of its Alliance WebStation by 31 December 2015. Customers currently using Alliance WebStation have to implement alternative solutions by then. SWIFT is pleased to propose a serie of webinar sessions to help you plan, organise and execute the necessary migration. These are 60 minutes webinars.
Registration is Mandatory.

Kevin Pieterarens, SWIFT Interfaces Product Manager

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Breaking News: SWIFT Interfaces - Reduce your TCO with SWIFT Interfaces!

How can you quickly assess if your company is getting all the benefits from your SWIFT interfaces? Additional options or new products can help you reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and automate more! his webinar will present you the latest news from SWIFT interfaces: end of support of aged products, new patches, roadmaps, and novelties thanks to which you leverage your SWIFT connection for continued return on investment.

Harmen Zweers, Customer Support EMEA  View the recording
Discover SWIFT’s BIC and LEI directories

To comply with the many industry regulations financial institutions typically need access to the most accurate and up-to-date identifications of legal entities. Join this 30-minute webinar to learn all about SWIFT’s BIC and LEI solutions, and discover:

  • the SWIFTRef BIC to LEI Directory
  • the SWIFTRef BIC Archive Directory
  • the BIC Directory
Karel Spiritus, Andrew Foulds – SWIFTRef product specialists from SWIFT Request the presentation 

Euroclear Easyway

We’re keen to present you SWIFT’s solution to connect to EasyWay (Euroclear). Join this webinar to find out how easy it is to re-use your existing SWIFT infrastructure, security and knowledge, to connect to Euroclear’s Easyway application.

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Funds migration programme

This webinar informs you about the Funds Migration Programme and the current programme enablers, focusing on some specific products and services supporting funds users in their ISO 20022 adoption project.

Katrina Greenslade & Anne Schroeder, Funds Migration Team, EMEA

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Gain better visibility to cash in the cloud

Corporate treasurers are seeking ways to comply with regulatory changes while keeping a close eye on their global cash visibility.  As a result, more and more corporations are looking to SWIFT to help them manage their treasury operations. SWIFT cordially invites you to join a free Webinar which will cover the following topics:

  • Learn how to get better visibility to cash while automating payments, FX confirmations, securities and trade transactions
  • Hear why and how corporate treasury departments are leveraging the secure SWIFT channel to connect to their banking relationships
  • The discussion will include connectivity options, SWIFT standards and initiatives such as SWIFTRef (directory services), Electronic Bank Account Management, and bank on-boarding.

The session is approved for 1.2 CTP/CCM recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals.

Matteo Monaco, Head of Corporate Sales – SWIFT Americas

Stacy Rosenthal, Senior Business Manager – SWIFT Americas

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How to improve your Resiliency: What if you cannot connect to the SWIFT Network anymore?

As a SWIFT user, you understand how important your connection is to your operations. But what if an emergency disrupts your access to the SWIFT network? Alliance Lifeline is a cost-effective service that enables you to keep on using SWIFT if your standard connection becomes unavailable. Fast and easy to activate, it lets you exchange messages and use SWIFT services until your SWIFT connection becomes operational again. During this webinar, we will also explain how the Alliance Access Database Recovery tool protects you against losing messages, and how to increase the resiliency of your SWIFT infrastructure with RAHA on Alliance Gateway.

Harmen Zweers, Customer Support EMEA   View the recording

Implementing FileAct on Alliance Access

Join this free 45 minutes interactive webinar to learn:

  • FileAct and the SWIFT FileAct interfaces in Release 7
  • How the Alliance messaging interfaces Entry and Access allow you to implement a FileAct solution that is ready for the future
  • What is the easiest solution to automate your FileAct flow in a fast and cost effective way

Harmen Zweers, Customer Support EMEA

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Insights on Trade Finance (FIN messaging activity)

A webinar on current trends in the market and how SWIFT can support you in being successful. Do you struggle to monitor growth of your flows and regional/country outreach? Do you want to compare your business with other Trade Finance market players? Are you eager to learn how the Watch portfolio can help you make business decisions? Then, this webinar is for you.

SWIFT's Business Intelligence and Corporate & Supply Chain Markets teams, EMEA

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MyStandards & Readiness Portal

Learn more about MyStandards and the Readiness Portal, a collaborative web platform used to better manage standards definitions and usage in the industry.

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Overcome your integration challenges 

Even with the most highly skilled in-house IT team, sometimes there are specific issues related to integration that need some additional support . Find out how SWIFT’s innovative new interface & integration solutions can help solve your integration challenges. For example if your transactions are not message oriented or in the required ISO format, if your operations require the co-existence of multiple standards, or if your various back-office systems have different ways of connecting to SWIFT. But also if each of your business application connected to SWIFT has its own individual requirements or if you need to migrate from legacy systems and need ad-hoc tools to allow for an easier transition. 

Harmen Zweers, Customer Support EMEA  View the recording 
Planning your ISO 20022 implementation roadmap for TARGET2, EBA EURO1/STEP1 and other ISO 20022 initiatives 

Join this webinar to:

  • Get an update on latest global ISO 20022 adoption trends and market infrastructure adoption strategies
  • Explore best practices to design an informed ISO 20022 implementation roadmap for your financial institution
  • Understand how SWIFT services and products can support you from start to finish along your implementation journey 
Reduce the cost of Cross Border Payments : Essential Information for Corporate Treasurers

An innovative approach to domestic and cross border payments.

Our research suggests many corporate treasury departments continue to struggle with the manual effort required to send information to their banks. The options available in the market today for implementing STP, “straight-through-processing” are often too expensive when budgets for IT investment are limited.

With AccessPay you can reduce your financial messaging costs by up to 60% with this new approach to “Zero IT Infrastructure” automation, eliminating manual processes and allowing expensive resources to focus their time on more valuable business related activities.
Please join us for an enlightening discussion on cost reduction and efficiency gains using a revolutionary technology platform from AccessPay.

Register today to avoid missing this valuable opportunity!

Ali Moiyed, CEO, AccessPay and Neil Gray, Senior Manager, Corporates Business – EMEA, SWIFT Request the presentation
SWIFT Cloud: your easy and cost-effective connection to SWIFT 

In the Cloud, connecting to the trusted SWIFT network has never been so easy and cost-effective. That's why 1300+ investments managers, corporates and banks have taken advantage of our wide choice of Cloud products.

In this webinar we will run through the SWIFT Cloud portfolio and demonstrate its ability to deliver a connectivity solution attuned to your needs . We will present how SWIFT Cloud can be used equally for manual entry, low volume messaging, or as part of a fully automated, end-to-end payment factory, sending up to 10,000 transactions per day. We will demonstrate how SWIFT Cloud can consolidate your MULTIply bank accounts portals into one single SWIFT connection, giving you a real-time view on your cash situation. And, we will provide examples of how SWIFT Cloud can be employed as last resort connectivity, processing critical messages if your connection and back-up fail.

SWIFT Cloud solutions opens you to a world of SWIFT products and services, including back-office integration packages, as well as our business applications such as SWIFT Sanction Screening - join us to find out how. 

Claire Josserand, Technical Sales & Community Initiatives EMEA  View the recording 

SWIFTRef's online directories offering

To enhance straight-through-processing of payments, reduce processing costs and speed up payment repairs or investigations, it is critical for a financial institution to have any-time access to worldwide, accurate and up-to-date reference data. SWIFTRef's online directories portfolio responds to this challenge by providing a rich selection of web query tools to research the world's most up-to-date reference database.

Myriam Soriano, SWIFTRef expert, EMEA

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SWIFTRef's newest bank directory for corporate SAP/ERP users

Learn about our newest SWIFTRef payments reference data directory "Bank Directory for SAP":

  • customised for SAP and other ERP-systems
  • containing all the Bank and SEPA data you need for trouble-free payments processing
  • optimised for fast import into your existing systems and for automated maintenance

Anne-Sophie Walravens and Dusan Pobuda, SWIFT EMEA

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SWIFTRef: Be SEPA ready corporate with SWIFTRef and SAP

SEPA at your doorstep! SWIFTRef is the industry-wide utility for global payments reference data, delivered by SWIFT. In the context of SEPA, SWIFTRef services enable you to:

  • convert BBAN to IBAN for your existing vendor and client database
  • ensure correct and up-to-date bank details in order to process payments
  • seamless integration of reference data into your ERP/SAP systems and payments flow.

Your ultimate benefits are: achieve and maintain Straight-Through-Processing (STP) for your SEPA and non-SEPA payments; reduce time and manage cost on errors and repairs; and be SEPA compliant.

Zorica Srbinova, SWIFTRef experts, EMEA

Stacy Rozenthal, Initiatives, Americas

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SWIFTRef Bankers World Online - Discover SWIFT’s solution for hassle-free payments! Single source at your fingertips!

Looking for high-quality SWIFT BICs, LEIs, national bank identifiers, IBAN-formats or SSIs to initiate hassle-free payments ? Then join this free webinar.

  • What is the exact BIC of this beneficiary bank?
  • Who’s the AUD-correspondent of this bank?
  • Is it a bank holiday in the beneficiary’s country?
  • What is the exact LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) for this organisation?
  • Is this IBAN-BIC combination correct?
  • Where can I find national bank identifiers, such as CHIPS Uids, CNAPS-codes, Zengin-codes, IFSC-codes and more?
  • Where do I find credit rating and latest financial information about this institution?

As the ISO-registration authority for BICs, LEIs and IBAN-formats, SWIFT is perfectly positioned to offer the financial industry a unique source for worldwide bank and customer identifiers. Register today for a free webinar and learn how SWIFT can help to make your domestic and international payments hassle-free. A live demonstration of our unique and online SWIFT solution will be part of the webinar.

Myriam Soriano SWIFTRef expert, EMEA   Request the presentation

SWIFT Sanctions Screening

Learn more about SWIFT Sanctions Screening (webinar provided in Spanish)

James Wills

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SWIFT Sanctions Screening  

Learn more about SWIFT Sanctions Screening (webinar provided in Portuguese)

James Wills

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Sanctions Screening: Wondering how to comply with Sanctions Regulations?

SWIFT Sanctions Screening service helps you to be compliant in a simple and quick way (webinar given in Russian)

Alexander Stepanov, Alliance Factors

Gizem Tansu,  Sanctions and AML solutions, SWIFT EMEA

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Welcome to SWIFT: Optimize your cash & treasury

Under current economic conditions, all parts of the company must contribute to efficiency gains. At the same time, cost of money forces you to improve global cash visibility to better manage it. Rationalising bank channels, centralising payment and collection, achieving greater automation through standardisation becomes a necessity. Connecting to SWIFT is easy and cost-effective! During this Webinar we will cover the range of cloud-based and on-premises SWIFT connectivity products and services to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Claire Josserand, Technical Sales & Community Initiatives EMEA  View the recording

You’ve got SWIFT now – what else can you do with it?

After implementing SWIFT, you are assessing if your company is getting all the benefits from your SWIFT implementation. Are there additional ways you can reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and automate more? This webinar presents ways in which you can leverage your SWIFT connection for continued ROI and cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to Alliance Lite2, a cloud-based option for connectivity
  • Learn about value added services that can support your cash and treasury needs including SWIFTRef (directory services) to support STP payments and SEPA, multi bank signing and authentication with SWIFT Secure Signature Key (3SKey), as well as on-boarding
  • Hear about other messages to support the move from paper to electronic processes including Trade, eBAM (electronic bank account management) and FX
Stacy Rosenthal, Initiatives, SWIFT Americas & Matteo Monaco, Business Development, SWIFT Americas

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