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SWIFT Operations Forum Europe


Date: 27 - 29 November 2012
Venue: Intercontinental Hotel
Wilhelm-Leuschner Strasse 43
60329 Frankfurt, Main

Registration fee:
EUR 850 (excluding VAT) for the whole event, EUR 450 (excluding VAT) for a day pass.

Accomodation rate per night:
EUR 179 including VAT.

Solving operational challenges
Unlocking the power of collaboration

Peter de Metsenaere,
Head of EMEA, Customer Support,

Welcome to SOFE 2012 

New regulation, continued downward pressure on costs, the potential for structural change in the eurozone and ongoing political uncertainty in key markets in our region are just a few of the factors creating challenges for operations professionals in the financial industry in EMEA today. Keeping the shop running optimally while also preparing for and adapting to change, containing costs and capitalising on new technologies is no easy task. This is where collaboration can play a role: how can we identify the opportunities to apply industry solutions to common operational challenges, and how can we make collaboration work in practice?

The programme for this year’s SOFE has been designed to explore these questions, building on the outcomes of our discussions at SOFE 2011 and at Sibos in Osaka. What can we do together to prepare for and cope with the prospect of significant changes in the euro landscape? How can collaboration help in overcoming the operational impact of political instability in certain Middle East and North African countries and in accommodating the advent of regional harmonisation in Africa? How can we co-operate to ease the burden of compliance with new regulation? Is business continuity an area in which we can achieve more if we work together? Where are the opportunities to optimise cost containment for all by applying common industry solutions?

SOFE has established itself as an unrivalled forum in which to debate the questions that really matter when it comes to building future-proof operational strategies, and SOFE 2012 will be no different. The event is also a great opportunity for you to tap into detailed information about SWIFT’s strategy: how SWIFT is addressing operational challenges, facilitating collaboration, and developing products and services that can help you reach your operational goals in the coming years.

This year’s programme combines plenary sessions with in-depth work sessions on SWIFT’s products and services. You will also see the return of some of the innovative formats we introduced at SOFE 2011 to facilitate easier and more targeted interaction between you and specialists from SWIFT and SWIFT’s partners. And we will bring some additional innovations to the structure and content of SOFE 2012 as well – while always keeping our focus on delivering useful, practical insights for professionals engaged day to day in solving operational challenges.

We look forward to seeing you at SOFE 2012!

Peter de Metsenaere
Head of EMEA Customer Support, SWIFT