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October 2015

Innotribe - How China’s FinTech will change how the world thinks about banking

September 2015

SWIFT ISO 20022 Regulatory Reporting

July 2015

Guidelines for the next generation of Real-Time Retail Payments Systems (RT-RPS)

June 2015

Standards and ISO 20022 – A Value Proposition for Regulators

June 2015

Innotribe - The Millennial Generation and the Future of Finance: A Different Kind of Trust

June 2015

Standards - A Value Proposition for Regulators 

June 2015

Innotribe - Power Women in FinTech - Bridging the gender diversity gap

May 2015

Innotribe - Innovation in Financial Services: The Elastic Innovation Index Report

April 2015

The Global Adoption of Real-Time Retail Payments Systems


September 2014

T2S Special report

July 2014

Intraday liquidity reporting - The case for a pragmatic industry solution

June 2014

Reducing risk and increasing resilience in RTGS payment systems

June 2014

ISO 9362:2014 BIC Implementation



November 2013

Aite - Sibos 2013: One Thousand and One Reflections 

September 2013

Africa Payments: Insights into African transaction flows

September 2013

Leveraging standards and automationto meet the triple challenges of regulation,cost and risk

September 2013

Putting Growth Back on The Banking Agenda (McKinsey&Company and SWIFT)

September 2013

Fighting Poverty Through Payments (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and SWIFT)

April 2013

A new start for Supply Chain Finance

March 2013

SWIFT Services for T2S - Celent report



November 2012

Aite - Sibos 2012: An Asian Lens on Global Developments

October 2012

CPSS-IOSCO'S Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs)

October 2012

SWIFT shares new perspectives on the future of RMB clearing

October 2012

The Transaction Banking Advantage - The Path to Profitable Growth (BCG & SWIFT)

August 2012

Facing the unknown: Building a strategy for regulatory compliance in an uncertain landscape

May 2012 

Mobile payments - Three winning strategies for banks 

April 2012 

Growth, risk and compliance: The case for a strategic approach to managing reference data 

March 2012 

Open Standards Key to Successful Implementation of New Regulations

March 2012

SEPA end date regulation demands immediate action

January 2012 

Correspondent banking 3.0 



October 2011

Aite - Sibos 2011: Taking the Pulse of the Financial Services Industry

November 2011 

STP - A new look at an old idea 

November 2011 

Will the SEPA End Date really change the game? 

September 2011 

RMB internationalisation: Implications for the global financial industry 

June 2011 

Facing the unknown - Building a strategy for regulatory compliance in an uncertain landscape 

June 2011 

Managing liquidity risk - Collaborative solutions to improve position management and analytics 



November 2010

Aite - Sibos 2010: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

June 2010 

Managing liquidity risk: industry pain points and SWIFT solutions 

March 2010 

Managing liquidity risk in a changed and global world