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Swiftcommunity.net tool to be decommissioned

Published on 01 Jul 2013

swiftcommunity.net is a social network created in 2007 for the financial industry to facilitate year-round debate and information-sharing. Its main features are blogs, forums and document libraries. The take-up of various social media alternatives in recent years, however, has led to a steady decline in swiftcommunity.net usage. As a matter of practicality, we have therefore decided to discontinue the service at the end of 2013.

We emphasise our sustained commitment to digital innovation, and to the advancement of online dialogue. While we transform our current tools, the ‘swiftcommunity’ spirit will be kept very much alive on various social channels, where we continue to engage our stakeholders, participate in online conversations, and share information and ideas with our community.

To help active users prepare for the decommissioning, we will guide our community to publicly available alternatives. While no historical data will be migrated, group owners will be given six months to save their group’s content if they so choose.


 What is swiftcommunity.net?

Created in 2007, swiftcommunity.net is a social network that facilitates year-round debate and information-sharing within the financial community. Its main features are document libraries, blogs and forums.

 Why is SWIFT decommissioning swiftcommunity.net?

The take-up of numerous social media alternatives in recent years has caused a steady decline in the usage of swiftcommunity.net. As a matter of practicality, we have therefore decided to discontinue the service.

 When will we discontinue the service?

We will discontinue the service on 31 December 2013.

 How should I prepare?

We will not retain any historical data. If you wish to preserve content that has been published by you or a group you are a member of, please ensure you save it locally before the end of the year 2013.
If you are managing a community, please assess whether this community is active enough to migrate the activity to another platform.

 What will happen to existing content?

We will not preserve or migrate any historical data. If you wish to preserve any content, please ensure you save your files by the end of the year.

 What alternatives can I use?

For the various features swiftcommunity.net offers, such as the blogs, forums and document sharing, there are many publicly available alternatives.
Here are just a few examples of social networks and websites that offer similar services. Please note that these alternatives are suggestions only. They are not the only options on the market, nor does SWIFT endorse these channels:

  • Networking, professional profiles, and group discussions: LinkedIn
  • Blogging: Wordpress
  • Public documents: Slideshare, Scribd
  • Document sharing: Salesforce, Box.com, sharefile.com, lock-box.com
 How will SWIFT engage with its stakeholders, if not on swiftcommunity.net?

As the financial industry’s cooperative, we have always been committed to the advancement of community dialogue, online and off, as well as to digital innovation. While the tools we use will continue to evolve, the ‘swiftcommunity’ spirit will be kept very much alive on popular social channels.
We already use a range of social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare, for information and idea sharing, as well as for networking and community engagement. We will also continue to share ideas through blogs and online discussion forums.