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Enabling collaborative innovation

Innotribe is SWIFT's initiative to enable collaborative innovation in financial services, presenting an energising mix of education, new perspectives, collaboration, facilitation and incubation to professionals and entrepreneurs who are willing to drive change within their industry. It fosters creative thinking in financial services, through debating the options (at Innotribe events) and supporting the creation of innovative new solutions (through the Incubator, Startup Challenge and Proof of Concepts (POCs). It is through this approach, the Innotribe team at SWIFT is able to generate a platform that enables innovation across SWIFT and the financial community.

Innotribe reaches the industry in the following ways:

  • Events: Innotribe events generate and capture ideas without the confines of the daily conference format. We guide participants through a process of broadening their outlook, thinking differently and emerging with tangible ideas that they can apply to the future success of their business.
  • Incubator: The Incubator is a new mechanism created by Innotribe to facilitate exploration of innovative ideas in a collaborative way: it is a framework to enable collaborative innovation at a level up from the ‘proofs of concept’ already facilitated by Innotribe.
  • Startup Challenge: The Startup Challenge introduces financial industry decision makers and early-stage investors to the emerging innovations poised to transform the financial services industry. It is a year-round program that features three regional showcases in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Innotribe brings together strategists, business and technology leaders, trend-setters and trend-watchers, and thinkers interested in taking action and shaping the future.


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