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A greener SWIFT

Delivering on our CO2 targets

Since 2007 we have achieved our target to reduce our global carbon emissions by 70 % and we are now committed to be CO2 neutral by 2020. To this end, we have issued a SWIFT Environmental Policy.

Our facilities

We are actively working to make our data centres increasingly more energy efficient. Our new operating centre in Switzerland is not only state of the art in terms of security and resilience; it is also a flagship construction in terms of energy efficiency. It features innovative use of outside air as a cooling mechanism, along with a modified computer room temperature which ensures the facility operates at maximum efficiency and minimum CO2 emissions.

The way we work

  • Our working from home and flexible time policy enables employees to reduce their commuting impact and leads to an increase in the energy efficiency of our office buildings. We have reduced the use of paper by 66% via e-invoicing, and employees have halved their printing at the office.
  • Through our commuting policy, we encourage our staff to select more environmentally friendly ways of commuting to work (electric bikes, greener cars, public transport).
    Our commuting policy was rewarded with the Business Mobility Award from the Brussels region in May 2012.
  • Additionally, biodiversity at our HQ is preserved by the creation of a wildflower meadow, installation of beehives and the planting of an orchard. In conjunction with WeForest, we have planted 5,000 trees in Burkina Faso to celebrate the same number of people working at SWIFT over the last 40 years.
  • We have also made further investment in telecommunication tools which help reduce the overall necessity for business travel. When travel is mandatory, we are offsetting the environmental impact through carbon certificates.
  • At our largest community event, Sibos, we engage with delegates to reduce the environmental impact of bringing together more than 6,000 people from around the world. Travel emissions are offset by nearly 60 % of Sibos delegates, as well as the emissions generated by SWIFT staff and event organisers. All contributions raised through our partner Climact are invested in local projects aiming at distributing efficient cooking stoves to needy communities in Mali, Ghana and Kenya.