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International Polar Foundation

In recent years, mankind has been confronted with the reality of climate change, and with it, the need for a global response to the threat it poses to our society. If climate change has taught us one thing, it that global challenges require global solutions. The International Polar Foundation communicates and educates on polar science and research as a way to understand key environmental and climate mechanisms. It also promotes innovative and multi-faceted responses to the complex challenges raised by the need for action on sustainable development.

The financial community: paving the way for global action

The financial sector is already a world that knows no frontiers; the economy is now global. Crises and challenges take place on a global scale, as do the measures aimed at resolving them.

SWIFT partnered with the International Polar Foundation since 2008 with the aim of raising awareness about climate change issues. In 2010, we devised innovative and appropriate solutions to tackle climate change and started with the challenge of Greening Sibos.

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