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Customer payments and cash management

SWIFT offers a range of standards to initiate, and to clear and settle customer payments between the different players in the end-to-end payments chain. A related set of standards is available to handle status reporting and deal with exceptions and investigations, as well as standards that provide account related information exchanged between an account owner and an account servicer.


Traditionally, MTs have been developed by and for the banking community. A number of relevant Category 1 Customer Payment MTs can however be used by customers to initiate credit transfers and direct debits with their financial institutions.

In the MT portfolio for customer payments to be sent by financial institutions, the MT 103 and the MT 103+ are the de facto standards used in cross-border traffic for single customer credit transfers. A large number of domestic and regional market infrastructures are also using MT-based payment standards.

Common Group MTs can be used to handle queries, replies, rejects and requests for cancellations.

A set of Category 9 Cash Management MTs can be used by financial institutions to provide information on both corporate and financial institution accounts for cash management and reconciliation purposes.


ISO 20022 messages have been developed together with banks, corporates, application vendors and standardisation organisations to initiate customer credit transfers and direct debits. In order to complete the customer payment chain, a range of financial institution to financial institution customer credit transfers and customer direct debits have been developed.

These standards are mandated by the European Payments Council (EPC) within the framework of SEPA. In order to promote end-to-end STP, EPC also recommends the use of the ISO 20022 standards for payment initiation.

Related messages are available to communicate about status, returns, reversals, and request for cancellations of the customer payment messages.

ISO 20022 exceptions and investigations messages allow parties involved in the payment to initiate queries and track replies related to the investigation.

A range of ISO 20022 bank-to-customer cash management messages are available.